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Industrial minerals magazine for industrial mineral investments featuring industrial mineral nepheline syenite, silica ore and iron ore properties for sale, for lease or joint venture.

NEW!!! New Mexico Gold, Oro Grande, Placer Gold Mining Claims For Sale In Historic Big Burro Mountain Area, White Signal Mining District
New Mexico gold placer claims for sale or possible joint venture. The recent re-discovery of a quarter-of-a-century old economic appraisal report for a proposed large placer project has led to the formation of Oro Grande claims of 680 acres (17 claims) of placer gold claims in southwest New Mexico. The claims are fully encompassed by historic mining activity.

Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc mining claims in the midst of mining friendly Northern Nevada's mineral boom area.17 patented mining claims and 2 quarter sections of fee land for sale.

NEW - Re-Listed! Montana, Elk Gulch Vermiculite Mine For Sale.
This property consists of eighty-five (85) BLM mining claims near Dillon, Montana. A significant investment by the owning company has allowed the mine and mill to become production-ready.

The Carrara Marble & Cement Company Property, Nevada. White & Black Marble and Gravel Quarries for sale.
The property consists of six (6) patented marble claims and ten (10) Lode claims on the west side of Bare Mountain, Nye County, Nevada. The original mine was named Carrara Marble because of the similarity in color to the famous Carrara marble of Italy. Together the Patented and Lode claims comprise nearly 400 acres.

FOR SALE – 10 Iron ore properties in Nevada
All Projects are on Bureau of Land Management land which includes 132 claims (2640 acres) located in Mineral, Nye and Esmeralda County.

SOLD!! Nevada - Leadville District, Washoe County—8 patented (148 acres) & 12 unpatented mining claims (1 placer) in NW Nevada for sale, lease, or option. Ag-Pb-Zn veins with historic production and trace Au, Hg, Sb.

International Quartz Quarry Ontario Canada. This property includes: a mountain top silica quarry located on 200 acres.

Quartz Mountain, silica mine in Douglas County, Oregon. Property includes the mountain top silica quarry located on 4 patented claims and 5 adjoining unpatented claims in the Umpqua National Forest.

The Helms Deep Placer and Silica Projects —Two (2) mining projects on 110 acres of the famous La Porte Channel in Northern California. One on the southern end of the claim is a previously permitted Placer Mine with gold, silver, platinum and silica as a by product. The mine on the Northern end of the claim is an open pit Silica Operation.


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